GET BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE…Back & Neck Pain Brisbane


With our treatments, re-establish your balance and range of movement…

Re-establishing balance and mobility into the body is a slow process. If you have been inactive for some time due to injury, you’ll need to regain strength and basic movement before a full training load can be resumed.

This period often requires careful guidance. Deliberately gentle movements are required, to allow the muscles to regenerate at their own pace and reacclimatise to movement patterns. Increased activity and strength can be added to strong foundations to limit compensation.

For athletes, maintaining a baseline in movement quality increases performance and decreases the risk of injury. Sometimes, corrective exercises are needed to supplement a training program in order to exercise muscles overly strained from repetitive activity.

This eliminates the likelihood of strength imbalances in muscles becoming too great. This will also maintain balance in strength and correct alignment in the body.

The talented team at Back and Neck Pain will help you restore movement and relieve pain, leading to better movement and better flexibility in your joints. Our unique pain relief treatments will dramatically improve your movement and flexibility.


“I’m back to where i was before, full range”Bernard Ette – P.T.