GET YOUR BODY READY… Back & Neck Pain Brisbane


Prepare your body for surgery and give it the best possible chance for recovery…

One of the main reasons you may require soft tissue or joint surgery is due to misalignment in your posture. Misalignment places the structure (i.e. back, neck, shoulder, etc.) under intense pressure for an extended period, causing it to give way. 

This is often the case with ruptured ligaments or tendons. If surgery is required, the main concern is reducing post-surgery rehabilitation time.

Joint or muscle alignment can often be achieved prior to surgery, by working on the soft tissue surrounding the injured area.   Achieving optimum balance in the body pre-surgery reduces pressure on the injured area and greater blood and nerve flow to be delivered, enhancing healing capabilities. Sometimes, balancing the body pre-surgery can reduce the extent of surgery required, which decreases healing time, due to less disruption.


“preparing my body meant quicker healing”Tim West – Driver