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Restore and rebuild your muscles…

SLM Bodywork is best described as the manipulation of the body’s soft tissue, using a combination of acupressure myofascial techniques which restore length and function to the muscles. This puts the body in perfect balance and allows it to function normally.

The primary objective of each treatment is to place the body into alignment by working on soft tissue structures. This treatment involves an array of soft tissue manipulation techniques (performed in a precise order) to restore length to dysfunctional muscles, while working on the entire body.

A typical pain relief treatment involves identifying and assessing the soft tissue structures contributing to misalignment, while stimulating nerve and fascial lines, re-establishing balance to the body.

The treatment involves no direct skeletal manipulation, with skeletal alignment achieved indirectly through even balancing of the soft tissue system. This enables the body to realign at its own pace, rather than forcing it.

It’s obvious that soft tissue manipulation restores skeletal alignment, as it has the most influence on the way the body moves and is held upright.


“Got me right back on my feet”Emma Thorpe – Dancer