GO FASTER, GO HARDER…Back & Neck Pain Brisbane


Dramatically improve your performance and muscular integrity…

When all muscles contribute to overall movement, the body feels lighter, moves better and functions more efficiently. In a healthy, functioning muscle, all fibres are linear, allowing open blood flow throughout. Conversely, a muscle in spasm contains compressed, tangled fibres, causing blood flow disruption and inertia in the area. The working muscle is not being fed and fills up with debris.

Although you may not feel pain, its strength and tissue integrity declines, and may even ‘unexpectedly’ give way, as it can no longer support its load. A hamstring tear is a prime example, as faulty hip alignment puts the structure under intense pressure for too long, causing it to rupture when required to stretch rapidly (i.e. while sprinting).

When all muscles function properly, blood flow increases throughout the body, decreasing recovery time, and greatly reducing the risk of injury, as the by-products of muscle activity (i.e. lactic acid) can be properly cleared.

Also, if a series of muscles are locked or shortening, blood flow is restricted to certain parts of the body, restricting the delivery of vital oxygen, vitamins and amino acids to working muscles, resulting in rapid fatigue.


“I was able to perform much better”Andrew Smith – MMA