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Repair and restore yourself physically…

Injury is often caused by too much wear and tear on compressed, misaligned joints, or unevenly loaded muscles throughout the body. Over time, these structures cannot regenerate as quickly as they are being damaged, resulting in pain and injury.

By adopting a holistic approach to soft tissue manipulation at a structural level, bodily alignment is achieved, relieving uneven load on muscle and joint structures, enhancing the body’s ability to heal itself.

Merely working on the sight of pain will only provide temporary pain relief (or perhaps no relief at all) because you are not reducing the load the rest of your body is placing on the painful area.  Try our pain relief treatments today.

Muscle manipulation techniques to align and balance the body are essential to achieve long-term back, neck and shoulder pain relief.

By specialising in muscle manipulation, we offer the most effective pain relief treatments in Brisbane. It is possible to live life pain-free. Call us today to relieve your back, neck and shoulder pain.


“Being pain free is amazing”Stuart Clegg – Retired